Intrepid Tactics Pistol Series

The Intrepid Tactics pistol series teaches modern pistol shooting through the lens of America’s most prolific gunfighters. While the carbine has dominated recent conflicts the pistol was often the weapon of choice in lawless American frontier towns of the 18th century. Each course is centered around a historic gunfight that has been chosen to teach a specific set of skills that are applicable in our modern world. You’ll be challenged to be quick on the draw like Wild Bill Hickok, able to survive an ambush and fight off 11 men by yourself like Jonathan Davis, or know how to lead your men in a gunfight like Wyatt Earp at the O.K. Corral. All of this is done with modern pistols and special operations style shooting. Bring your Glock or Sig to the old west and let’s find and extend your limits.


Pistol 0 – Fundamentals of Modern Pistol Shooting

Pistol 0.5 – Pistol Skills Builder

Pistol 1 – Wild Bill Quick Draw

Pistol 2 – Jonathan Davis Shootout

Pistol 3 – Gunfight At The O.K. Corral

Intrepid Tactics Rifle Series

The Intrepid Tactics Rifle series teaches modern rifle shooting through the lens of America’s frontiersmen. Our flagship carbine course, the Thomas Duston Carbine Course, focuses on the skills, knowledge, and attitude you need to defend yourself and your family. Thomas Duston was an English Puritan during the New England Indian Wars and fought attempts at capturing his family with his rifle. His wife, Hannah Duston, was long an American folk hero for her controversial exploits in escaping captivity. In these courses we combine the intrepid history of American heroes like Thomas Duston, Daniel Boone, and Davy Crockett with carbines, rifles, and optics. Bring your AR to the French and Indian Wars.


Rifle 1 – Thomas Duston Carbine Course

Intrepid Tactics Gunfighter Trauma Medicine Series

The Intrepid Tactics Gunfighter Trauma Medicine Series is designed to pass on the many hard-won trauma medicine lessons from the Global War on Terrorism to the people who may need them next. Early on in the GWOT a lot of preventable deaths went unchecked because of subpar trauma medicine standards. Military medical courses still had you improvising your own tourniquets out of a kravat and a stick from the woods for crying out loud. Over the past two decades the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care made huge strides in wartime trauma medicine. Come to one of our seminars or full courses and learn how the trauma medicine developed in twenty years of overseas combat complements the domestic emergency care you’ve likely encountered here at home.


GTM 0 – Bleeding Control For Gunfighters

GTM 1 – Trauma Medicine For Modern Gunfighters

Intrepid Tactics Breaching Series

The Intrepid Tactics breaching courses cover how to open up a breach point in an emergency situation. Whether it’s breaking a door down to rescue loved ones from a fire, or breaching a door to get at an active shooter breaching is an extremely useful but under served discipline. Courses are limited to mechanical, ballistic, and thermal breaching.


Breaching 0 – Breaching Seminar

Breaching 1 – Intrepid Tactics Breacher’s Course

NRA Firearms Courses

The National Rifle Association is one of America’s most established shooting organizations. Founded to “promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis” the NRA offers a number of training opportunities and courses. Intrepid Tactics sponsors several of the NRA’s courses with NRA Certified Instructors on a regular basis.


NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course

NRA Basic Rifle Shooting Course

NRA CCW Course

Private And Custom Training

Private training is available on select dates upon request. Whether you’re simply more comfortable in a private setting or need training customized to your use case, we’re happy to put together private and custom courses. Contact with inquiries.