Long Range Pistol Targets

Shooters new to long range pistol shooting often have a hard time once they get out to 25 yards and beyond. Part of the problem is that it is difficult to see where rounds are hitting, as they’re often off the target entirely. The long range pistol targets below are size adjusted to be shot at from 5 yards (5 meters for the E-type silhouettes). Shooting size-adjusted targets at 5 yards allows the shooter to see roughly where they would be impacting at provided given distance.

Another common difficulty with long range pistol shooting is securing a range to shoot pistol on beyond 20-25 yards. These targets allow you to practice at shorter distances and confirm when you have access to a longer distance range. Note that these targets won’t account for optics offset, bullet drop, or off-zeroed sights. Rather, the intent is to focus on getting your fundamentals of marksmanship solid enough, and groups small enough, that you can shoot long range and then account for those other variables.

All targets are designed to be printed on standard 8.5″ by 11″ printer paper.

100 Yard Layered Target (25,50,75,100 yards @ 5 yards)

This is our favorite long range pistol target. Aim at the small black 100 yard E-Type silhouette to start. Then shoot a 5 round group or an entire magazine to see where you would be impacting at range.

If your groups are too large or off-center you’ll be missing at longer ranges but hitting at shorter ones. Then work on refining your fundamentals until your groups are tight enough to shoot accurate long range pistol.

Dicken Drill Quad Target (40 yards @ 5 yards)

In 2022 Elijsha Dicken engaged an active shooter from 40 yards with his concealed pistol from across a mall food court. The Dicken Drill simulates that engagement.

The full drill requires that you draw from concealment and engage an IPSC or USPSA style target from 40 yards with 10 shots. Par is 8 out of 10 shots on target in under 15 seconds.

Our targets allow you to practice shooting simulated 40 yard shots from 5 yards with size-adjusted IPSC style targets. Shoot these targets slowly at first and get your groups small and on target, then add drills for time.

Dicken Drill Single Target (40 yards @ 5 yards)

This is a single version of our Dicken Drill target to provide the shooter with a bit more room around the silhouette. This makes it easier to track flyers when speeding up and provides a clean target when doing the drill for time.

Intrepid Tactics 25-100 Yard Pistol Target (25, 50, 75, and 100 yards at 5 yards)

This target was designed for our Pistol 1 – Wild Bill Quick Draw course to assess how well students are likely to shoot as we increase the distance to target.

The target includes size-adjusted IPSC style targets such that, when shooting from 5 yards, they will appear roughly the same size as the full-size version at 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards.

Use this target to practice shooting small groups, and see how accurate you’re likely to be at range.

Intrepid Tactics 100 Yard Pistol Target (100 yards @ 5 yards)

Our 100 yard pistol targets give you 12 clean, size-adjusted, IPSC style targets to try your hand at. Shooting from 5 yards the targets will appear to be roughly the same size as a 100 yard IPSC target.

Intrepid Tactics 25 Meter E-Type Silhouette Pistol Target (25 meters @ 5 meters)

This target simulates the longest pistol shot a soldier needs to make in the Army pistol qualification course of fire. At 5 meters this target simulates a full-size E-type silhouette at 25 meters.

Work on your fundamentals first and get your groups small to where all rounds are hitting within the silhouette. Then, introduce speed and multiple targets.

Finally, paste multiple of these up on the same target stand and number them, then have a friend call out numbers. Or, to simulate a visual cue, have a friend shine a laser pointer on one of multiple targets to simulate pop-up targets.

Intrepid Tactics 25 Meter Double E-Type Silhouette Pistol Target (25 meters @ 5 meters)

This is similar to our single 25 meter E-type silhouette but allows you to get two targets out of one sheet of paper.

Use this to help prepare for the US Army Pistol shooting qualification. It will allow you to see where your rounds are impacting up close and help you to diagnose and adjust your pistol shooting fundamentals.