Pistol 3, framed around the famous Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, is the third and final course in our three course modern pistol shooting series.

Pistol 3 is a one day course that builds off of the foundational defensive pistol skills developed in Pistol 1 and 2. In Pistol 3 we shift focus to more intermediate and advanced skill sets such as target identification, problem solving, quick target acquisition, multiple threat engagements, fields of fire, and more.

The focus for this course is on intermediate to advanced gunfighting skills such as engaging multiple threats, shoot/no-shoot scenarios, and problem solving blind or dynamic engagements, reacting to threats. Additionally, this course covers fields of fire and gunfighting in the context of multiple threats and multiple shooters. Each of these skills is built up slowly and safely before moving onto the next. These skills are then used in concert with each other in a practical exercise framed around the famous Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. This scenario puts the students in a 4 vs 6 scenario where they exercise fields of fire and efficiently fight through 6 threats (targets) as a team.

As part of our continued effort to pass on the American martial tradition of gunfighting and prepare the next generation of protectors, this course is framed around the gunfight at the O.K. Corral. The most famous gunfight of the Old West, it took place on October 21st, 1881 in Tombstone, Arizona territory.  On one side of the fight were the brothers Wyatt, Morgan, and Virgil Earp along with Doc Holliday facing down against the cowboys Ike and Billy Clinton, Tom and Frank McLaury along with Billy Claiborne and Wes Fuller. The fight was the result of a longstanding feud between the Earls and the Cowboys. This feud culminated when then Deputy U.S. Marshal Virgil Earp decided to enforce a city ordinance against carrying weapons in town.

Virgil Marshal did not expect a fight, and upon seeing that the Cowboys were carrying weapons yelled “Throw up your hands, I want your guns!”.  This led to Frank McLaury and Billy Clanton drawing and cocking their single action revolvers, to which Virgil replied “Hold! I don’t mean that!”. The first two shots were fired by Billy Clanton and Wyatt Earp at the same time with Clanton missing by Wyatt shooting Frank McLaury in the stomach. Following that Doc Holliday pulled out a double barreled shotgun, moved around the horse near Tom McLaury and shot Tom in the chest.

Tom McLaury, having been shot in the chest at close range, stumbled off before collapsing. Doc Holliday then drew his nickel-plated revolver and began shooting at Frank McLaury and Billy Clanton. At the outset of the gunfight Ike Clanton ran towards Wyatt Earp, telling him he was unarmed and didn’t want to fight. After Ike ran off, cowboys Billy Claiborne and Wes Fuller also ran off. Though wounded, Billy Clanton and Frank Mclaury continued to fight. Billy Clanton, hit in the wrist, switched to his left hand shooting until his gun was empty.

Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp exchanged gunfire with Frank McLaury as he crossed the street with McLaury getting hit and falling down. The gunfight lasted just 30 seconds, and resulted in Tom McLaury, Frank McLaury, and Billy Clanton killed, with both Virgil Earp and Morgan Earp having been shot but surviving, and Doc Holliday having been grazed.

This course culminates in a timed, group shooting exercise. In this exercise the students statically and on line react to a combined 6 targets (a mix of threats and no-threats) drawing down on them. The students then employ the strategies learned throughout the course to efficiently engage the multiple threats and pass on the no-threats in an efficient and expedient manner, similar to the gunfight at the O.K. corral.

Who can attend?

All U.S. citizens 18 years of age or above that are legally allowed to own or possess a firearm.

Required Equipment:


2-3 magazines

Eye protection

Ear protection

Sturdy holster

Required Ammunition:

Minimum 400 rounds

Additional Info:

This course typically runs from 9AM-3PM unless otherwise stated. There is no lunch break so bring your own drinks and snacks.

Please wear clothing suitable to the weather.

Email with any questions.