The Ultimate Quick Reaction Deployment Bag: Prepare for Any Attack

When responding to a raid or an attack you'll have at best minutes to mount a defense. Brice covers his quick reaction deployment bag, its contents, and how they can be used to respond to a multitude of security threats. Also covered [...]

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Deconstructing the Hamas Raid on Israel: Exclusive Military Analysis

In this video I provide a military analysis of the raid by Hamas on Israel and discuss its implications both on the immediate tactical level and on the global strategic level. Also covered are some of the basics of the strategic, operational, [...]

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Intrepid Tactics Weekly Update 10-04-2023 Brice covers the updates from last week and upcoming events for Intrepid Tactics. This includes the Mogadishu Mile workout, the Pacific Northwest Self-Defense Seminar and Firearm Vendor Expo, and our upcoming Pistol 1 and Pistol 2 courses. Also covered are new [...]

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