October 3-4th marks the 30th anniversary of Operation Gothic Serpent. More commonly known to the general public by it’s book and movie names, Black Hawk Down. A combined Special Operations Task Force consisting of Delta Force and Rangers engaged in a daytime raid to capture warlord Mohammad Farah Aidid. The raid turned into a two day running gun battle, and resulted in the loss of 18 Americans lives and one Malaysian.

Today we honor those that selflessly sacrificed their lives 30 years ago.

Workout of the Day

The Mogadishu Mile as it has come to be known is a workout of the day honoring the fallen Rangers and Delta that gave their lives. It symbolizes the run out of Mogadishu back to base that the Rangers had to do as there wasn’t enough room in the extraction convoy.

We’re following the standard put out by the Three Rangers Foundation (https://www.threerangersfoundation.org/virtual-mog-mile-wod)

It consists of 4 sets of:

  • 19 ground to overhead dumbbell of kettlebell
  • 19 front squats @ 53/35
  • 19 kettlebell or dumbbell pushups (one hand on the left, then right for 38 total)
  • 400 meter run with your kettlebell of dumbbell

Rules & Symbolism

Your weight represents your Ranger buddy. Do not lose contact with it throughout the workout, you must maintain at least one hand on it at all times. If you do let go, you forfeit your progress on that round and have to start the round over.

  • You’ll cover one mile, though the actual distance was 2-3 miles.
  • 19 reps – one for each member of Task Force Ranger killed.
  • Ground to overhead – as the soldiers held up their rifles the entire time
  • Squats – as they sought cover behind anything available
  • Push-ups – as they fell to the ground and had to get back up
  • Don’t let the weight go – symbolic for the dedication the soldiers showed towards the Ranger Creed to “never leave a fallen comrade”

No Kettlebell or Dumbbell?

No problem, just find something else heavy to pick up and move around. A brick, paving stone, etc. will work in a pinch, just get the workout in and don’t leave your Ranger buddy behind.