t isn’t often a fellow warrior from the Pacific Northwest visits Pineland. Today, Paul & Mike are honored to welcome the Founder and CEO of Intrepid Tactics, Brice Colbert into the G Base to discuss current trends on the left coast; a land of spectacular beauty and abundant resources. Brice also shares some of the excellent training being offered in his neck of the woods. The time to get prepared is now. The chair is against the wall.

Episode 209. I’m joined by Bryce Colbert, 3rd Special Forces Group Veteran and owner of Intrepid Tactics to talk localism, training philosophy, building a resilient culture, and arming good people with knowledge for rough times in America’s future.

On todays show, we interview former Green Beret, “Special Forces Brice” from Intrepid Tactics firearms training.  Brice is a good friend of mine and I’m honored to introduce you to him.  We discuss his journey into the SF community, a little about what it takes to become a Green Beret.  Also highlighted are the unique classes he offers to responsible citizens. You will also get a little of his thoughts on current global events and things he feels are MOST IMPORTANT for you to focus on to be prepared for an uncertain future!

Brice is a SOF veteran, an EXIT member, and founder of Antifragile Studies Group, a personal security consultancy. His organization helps individuals navigate dangerous urban environments, secure their homes, and prepare for increased volatility and unreliability in state services and the global supply chain.