This smart shot timer from Shooters Global is designed for both regular shooting and dry-fire practice. This highly customizable shot timer allows for custom settings for dry, airsoft, and even different types of firearms.

The timer is lightweight, splash-proof, and easy to carry and operate. It comes with a magnetic holder that easily clips to your gun or EDC belt but also allows the timer to be quickly detached. The screen of the timer is backlit and clearly visible in nearly any condition.

Intrepid Tactics’ Experience

Here at Intrepid Tactics we’ve recently adopted this shot timer due to it’s customizability and ease of use. While our previous choice of shot timers worked in many situations, we had trouble picking up some students running suppressed and also found those shot timers inappropriate for use off the range.

The SG Smart Shot Timer is a great choice for students looking to increase their proficiency and hit par times on popular shooting exercises. It can easily be tuned to pick up live, dry-fire, and airsoft guns making it a great choice for both range and home training.

The smartphone app that pairs with it allows you to record video of your runs with the times and splits imposed on the video. This is a great training and learning tool as it allows you to measure performance in a wide variety of situations and more easily identify areas for improvement. The app also allows you to share stage and drill designs with others. Design a stage, run it, and send it to your friends or followers.

In The Box

  • SG Timer
  • U-Grip
  • USB-C Cable
  • Lanyard

Note: Other items pictured including targets and magazine are not included.