First of all, let me say congratulations on your decision to leave conservatism behind and embrace liberalism. Now, let’s complete your journey, your transition, your transformation! You must understand that just being a liberal is not enough. This is merely a steppingstone on the path towards the bigger picture. This is a small piece of the road towards a progressive Socialist society. However, that doesn’t mean that we will stop there. Most Americans are oblivious of the country’s slow march towards Communism. They are too busy staring at their phones and televisions to even realize that there is war raging for the future of their country. Because of this, they are losing a war that they don’t even know they are in. This is your chance to be on the winning side of that war. In the pending battles ahead, your insight into conservatives, Republicans and every other poisonous right-wing ideal will prove invaluable. For over 240 years, the conservatives of the United States have had free reign to force their ridiculous ideology on the people of the country unchecked. They believe that “freedom” is a good thing, and they can’t seem to grasp the simple idea that big government is the answer to many everyday problems. They act like the Bill of Rights should be used by the people as a shield, as armor to protect them. However, we know the truth. We know that the Bill of Rights, in fact much of the U.S. Constitution, is merely a roadblock to our goals. Luckily, there are ways to deal with these problems, and these people. This book will serve as your guide and your handbook to help you as you negotiate these obstacles during your transition from conservative to a productive liberal elite and beyond. Welcome to The Playbook.