A problem that many couples face is that they value their marriage about as much as they value rental property. There’s no long-term investment in rental property because there’s no long-term ownership – no commitment. Their marriage is like a one-year lease agreement that has to be reconsidered every twelve months. If the location is wrong, if the cost is too high, if the size is too big or small, if their career takes them away, or if they just don’t like what they’ve gotten themselves into, they’ll simply walk away and look for another place to take up residency. Some call it separation or an annulment. Others call it divorce. If you want a healthy, happy, life-lasting marriage, it will take some work.

Working to communicate effectively and keep the marriage healthy is not always glamorous but it has to be done. The perception of work within a marriage is dependent upon the love between the spouses. When you love, more importantly when you are in love, the work involved in the marriage becomes part of life. It’s a term that I call “keeping the love alive.” This book is dedicated to making your marriage a life-long journey of joy and success.