Rifle 2, also known as the Lewis Wetzel Rifle Course, is the second in our three part modern rifle shooting series.

Rifle 2 is a one day course that picks up where Rifle 1 leaves off, building on the fundamental skills needed to deploy the modern carbine or rifle in a defensive context. Particular focus is placed on firearms handling, quick loading and reloading, shooting while moving, engaging multiple targets, and using cover and concealment.

This course follows the historical yet controversial exploits of 18th century frontiersman Lewis Wetzel. Wetzel is considered by many to be the father of guerrilla warfare. Born in modern day West Virginia, he came to prominence during the American Revolutionary War. When native tribes allied themselves with the British during the American Revolutionary War it kicked off a guerrilla war against American settlers in the Ohio river valley. This brutal and bloody war saw back and forth raids, assaults, and retribution. Wetzel became a well known combatant but eventually lost favor due to his cold blooded killing. He was particularly well known for being able to reload his long rifle while in a dead sprint, a feat emulated in the movie The Last of The Mohicans. Wetzel was also the subject of several of Zane Gray’s novels to include Betty Zane, The Spirit of the Border, and The Last Trail. Wetzel’s history, both good and bad, is incorporated into the course to pass on a lesser known piece of the American story and to highlight the nature of guerrilla warfare as it often presents itself on the edge of much larger conflicts.

This course’s focus is on building students into more competent riflemen and exposing them to more dynamic situations. Moving beyond static shooting and into movement and multiple target engagement is designed to teach the student defensive carbine skills that are useful in real world situations.

This course culminates in a dynamic shooting competition.

Who can attend?

All U.S. citizens 18 years of age or above that are legally allowed to own or possess a firearm.

Required Equipment:


2-3 magazines

Eye protection

Ear protection

A good sling

Required Ammunition:

Minimum 400 rounds

Additional Info:

This course typically runs from 9AM-3PM unless otherwise stated. There is no lunch break so bring your own drinks and snacks.

Please wear clothing suitable to the weather.

Email with any questions.