The Agoge was the name of the school mandated for all Spartan males beginning at the age of seven and ending at age twenty-one. “Agoge” literally means ‘guidance’ or ‘training.’ This training regimen encompassed every domain of human interaction in its social, political, emotional, physical, and spiritual components. It emphasized military training, hunting, social skills, and loyalty to the nation and its principles. The overall goal of this system of excellence was the creation of a Spartan man who could serve as a citizen warrior. The importance of the Agoge cannot be overstated as it was this ancient system that produced Leonidas and his 300. Arguably then, it was the Agoge that saved the Western world from enslavement. Again, Western civilization faces extinction and the five warrior virtues provide the foundation for the American Agoge Project. The Project fosters an environment that produces able-bodied men of fine character who will make excellent citizen-warriors. Fine character and able-bodied is thus defined as physically and spiritually strong, mentally focused, morally straight, and socially astute.

The American Agoge Project exists to help American boys become the kind of men who possess such qualities. This project exists to promote three values: man, God-fearing, and warrior. By valuing “man,” we mean the qualities of manhood that have fallen prey to a complex set of socially conditioned, media-stimulated woke agendas designed to denigrate qualities that are vital to the future success of the family, and our Country. Central to this project is the value of a man who fears God and hates evil. And warrior is a class of men who answer the call of duty, to serve in the ranks with those who defend our lives and liberties. In valuing these noble qualities, the goal is to enable the mind and body preparation for the American Warrior Class. The American Agoge Project is an idea whose time has come. This book, which is the ground floor of this project, seeks to codify the five warrior virtues that form the foundation of every warrior code, in every nation, and of every age.