Growing up in the beautiful hill country of central Texas, Aggie jokes were something you heard and learned from the moment you could talk. You refined the art on the playground or in the classroom. At times this resulted in some sort of punishment due to the ongoing jokes and non-stop laughter! More often than not, you told the jokes and had no idea what the punch line meant; or the references within the joke or tale. Other times you knew precisely what they meant, and they got funnier as you matured with age. We all may not have been brought up Aggies by the grace of God. Rather, we may be a Longhorn, Red Raider, Bear, Mustang, Cougar, or Owl fan, but we all had one thing in common, and that was Texas A&M Aggie jokes. As I matured in age, I worked more and more alongside former students of Texas A&M state-side and on deployments. I came to realize and appreciate the esprit de corps that these Aggies had; and came to respect their school for their love and dedication to our nation. For instance, take into account the 1940s era film ‘We’ve Never Been Licked;’ which is an amazing movie that shows true patriotism and spirit of the nation, particularly of Texas and the Texas A&M University. Admittedly, this book of jokes may offend people today because they are too sensitive and too concerned with hurt feelings, and political correctness. Well, as Texans, Aggie jokes are a way of life and perhaps we enjoy camaraderie that other states just don’t grasp. These jokes form bonds as children that grow into lasting friendships as adults. So, to all the Aggies out there, and more importantly to those that have served our great nation; this book is for you.